Golgi Neurosciences, a unique incubator to combat neurodegenerative disorders, starts operating

Milan, July 5th, 2023 – Golgi Neurosciences Srl is proud to announce its launch as an independent and unique incubator, dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative small molecule treatments to combat neurodegenerative diseases. Golgi strongly benefits from the experience maturated over many years conducting successful small molecule-based discovery programs on CNS targets and holds an impressive portfolio of six participated biotech companies, including Acousia Therapeutics GmbH, Rewind Therapeutics NV, Libra Therapeutics Inc., Muna Therapeutics ApS, Lario Therapeutics Ltd and the recently added Breye Therapeutics ApS, along with a rich pipeline of innovative discovery programs, available for partnering or further company creation. In Golgi Neurosciences, ideas are coming in like vesicles of the cis-Golgi, matured inside and released by the trans-Golgi as NewCos or collaboration deals.

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