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Golgi Neurosciences is a company-creator boutique with one ambitious mission: setting the ground to create therapies for the treatment of devasting neurodegenerative diseases by applying rigorously “Grounded Objectives Leading to a Great Impact (GOLGI)”.


Golgi has already six biotech companies in its current portfolio, complemented by a rich pipeline of proprietary projects, which lay the ground for the creation of additional companies or partnering to cure neurodegenerative diseases.

Our roots lie in Axxam, a leading innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO) providing research services in the early phase of drug discovery. Over the last decade, Axxam has invested in proprietary research projects, mainly in the field of neurodegeneration, generating valuable assets. These assets have been successfully transferred in exchange of equity either in already existing companies, such as Acousia Therapeutics, Muna Therapeutics and Breye Therapeutics, or in new biotech companies co-founded by Axxam such as Rewind Therapeutics, Libra Therapeutics and Lario Therapeutics.

Taking advantage of the experience gained and matured over many years in the early drug discovery arena, Golgi will also incubate new seeds (ideas) by initiating novel programs, in collaboration with renowned international research centers, thus recalling the famous words pronounced by Alfred Nobel and mentioned by Camillo Golgi during his Nobel Prize speech on December 11th, 1906: “Each new discovery leaves in the brains of men seeds which make it possible for an ever-increasing number of minds of new generations to embrace even greater scientific concepts”.

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